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Oldham Pond Algae Treatment
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State Grant to Help Protect Water Quality in Brockton, Abington and Rockland 2009
The town of Pembroke received a $405,750 state grant to retire an active cranberry bog, the operation of which threatens water quality due to fertilizer and pesticide use.
The 43.5 acre Andruck Property Project would protect water in Brockton, Abington and Rockland and help stop algae and weed growth in Furnace Pond.
"Portions of article from The Enterprise, 1/23/09
November 2011
Now that we have our new website up and running, we'd like to ask you to email photos of your family & friends enjoying our ponds or any other photo that would be interesting to our members.  Be sure to describe the photo, add names of people in the photo, and who the photo is from. 
email to:                           Beth, Madeline & Grace York
    We're always open to new ideas or questions from our members and readers.  Go to the "Contact Us" page and send us your thoughts.  
      If you haven't already planted a buffer zone along the water's edge, this may be the year to begin thinking about it.  If you find this unappealing, the next best thing is to leave about two feet of unmowed grass along the edge of the pond.  This will help to collect sediment from your property and stop it from draining into the pond.  It will not be as effective as a planted buffer zone but definitely better than nothing. 
                         Vegetative Buffer Zones

        The weather is warmer and everyone's thinking of going outside to take inventory of the wind and snow damage to their yards and houses.
        Getting outdoors to walk our dogs and get some exercise is so relaxing this time of year.  Unfortunately, our dogs have a tendency to leave their mark along the sidewalks or beaches, wherever or whenever nature calls. 

            This is a well trained dog!